Gustavo F. Grobocopatel

Gustavo F. Grobocopatel


Los Grobo

He is an Agricultural Engineer, graduated from the School of Agronomy, Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1984. He was Teacher of Soil Management and Conservation at the same School during the period 1984-1990.

Positions he currently holds:

Summary of awards granted to him:

2004 - Domingo F. Sarmiento award, for his contributions to the community and institutions, awarded by the Argentine Senate.
2007 – Argentine Creative Award, awarded by the Círculo de Creativos de la Republica Argentina.
2008 - Konex Platinum Award to the Rural Businessperson of the Decade. 
2008 – Excellence Award, as noteworthy businessperson of the region, awarded by Revista América Economía. 
2010 – Corporate Leadership Award in Communications, awarded by the PP.RR. Professional Council
2011 – Businessperson of the Year Award, by Ernst & Young.
2012 – Business Leader of the Decade Award for his contributions to Corporate Social Responsibility, awarded by ComunicaRSE.
2012 – Business Leader Award, by Universidad Siglo XXI.
2013 - Innovative CEO award, by El Cronista Comercial, Revista Apertura & PWC.

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